why pie?

First read this.


Now here are a few more things that make pie right for this project, my weekly adventure. I’m looking at this as a list-in-progress because I will surely discover more reasons to love pie as the year passes:

  1. You don’t need a lot of equipment to make a pie, but you could treat yourself (or some pie maker you love) to a whole host of pie-related goodies. If you wanted. Just saying. (Such as…)
  2. Pie makes the whole house smell good for hours and hours. What isn’t fabulous about having pie for dessert and then waking up the next morning to a house that still has a hint of pie scent in the air?
  3. Pie is not hard to give away. Who doesn’t say yes to pie?
  4. Pie inspires creativity. Have you seen Waitress? You could invent a hundred pies and just keep on going.
  5. Pie makes you feel connected to the past. It nurtures nostalgia.
  6. Ugly pies still taste good.
  7. Making a pie makes you slow down. It gives you time to disconnect and let your mind wander.
  8. A pie in the oven is reassuring and exciting all at once.
  9. It’s not easy to do, or at least, lots of folk believe that to be true. People will be a little amazed / inspired by you. You might feel like a baking goddess.
  10. There is a lot of scope for practice makes perfect in pie making: crust, flavour, consistency, creativity… Not likely to get bored making pies.

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