the plan

To bake 52 pies – a pie a week for a year – and to record the experience in pictures and words here. I hope to craft a darn fine pie crust recipe (dare I say, perfect?) but just as much, I hope that this pie-making mission will help (or force) me to let go of my perfectionism a little. That’s the plan anyway, because I promise to share every single pie that I bake with family and friends, maybe even with strangers, and with you, dear blog readers. Prepare for pies: fresh, juicy, mile-high, lattice-topped, mouth-watering, retro, crimped, meringue-laden, burnished, crumbly, à la mode, imperfect, gorgeous, and all those in between.

One thing’s for sure: I will bake 52 pies.

Perhaps somewhere along the way there will be one perfect pie…

Let’s find out.


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