Week 13: tiny pear and vanilla pies

These past few weeks I find myself feeling nostalgic. Nostalgic for my childhood home. Nostalgic for the day last week when the leaves on the tree outside my house were the perfect glowy shade of orange against the sky. Nostalgic for my honeymoon in Paris (partially thanks to this blog, which always makes me feel dreamy for Paris, though it doesn’t take much). So where is this feeling coming from? Is it that it’s autumn? Is it the fact I’m pretty sure I’m getting more crinkly wrinkles around my eyes when I smile? Beats me. I can tell you that pie – making it and eating it – always feeds my nostalgia, so I guess I might have to get used to the feeling.

Last week I made portable pies again, this time delightful little pear pies with lots of vanilla. Vanilla is a flavour perfect for a nostalgic mood – sweet and aromatic and comfortable. I wasn’t so sure about them at first, the puffed up texture of their tops and the fact that the crusts didn’t brown up as well as I like, but it only took a bite to find they had a beautiful creaminess and a rich vanilla taste that made me feel wrapped up and ready for November’s chill. Continue reading


Week 4, part two: cutie patootie peach hand pies

I made two different types of pie this week. Yes I am a little wacko. I figure next week at this time when I’ll be back at school there will be no chance of spending so much time in the kitchen so I might as well seize the moment and bake to my heart’s content. Also, I was a little worried about how tasty (or not) my gluten-free dairy-free baby pies were going to be, so I decided to make some peach hand pies for the birthday picnic too. Backup pies, you could say.

Who doesn’t love the idea of portable pie? I’d say that hand pies definitely fall into the category of ideal picnic food. These ones were made in record time because I’d thought that the picnic was a late afternoon picnic and it turned out to be a noon picnic which meant I churned these puppies out at high speed. I didn’t get to do all of the chilling recommended, which always makes me stress a little. They sure looked adorable all nestled together in their foil container when they were cool, and they garnered a chorus of “ooh”s when they arrived at the picnic. One of the party-goers said she imagined how heavenly they’d be with a bowl full of soft-serve to dip them in, and just a few minutes later, an ice cream truck pulled up at the park. So we almost got to experience that. Next time maybe.

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