Week 19: in which we resolve to make this year longer than 52 weeks (and we eat tiramisu pie)

Either time is slowing down (which would be awesome because my holiday ends tomorrow and I wouldn’t say no to just a few more days / weeks / months), or else I am not keeping up with my “pie a week” plan.

It’s true. Time is slowing down.

I wish.

No, I admit it. I have not been able to keep up my pie-a-week momentum over the Christmas break. I mean, when you’ve got peppermint bark, spiced butter cookies, gingerbread toffee, a seemingly bottomless Quality Street tin AND mincemeat tarts coming out the wazoo, how can a girl be expected to Keep. Making. Pies. That would be the mission of a crazy lady.

So a little New Year’s Resolution has happened. I have decided that I am going to need to modify my pie plan, ever so slightly, just the slightest of slight changes to the rules, okay? It’s not because I’m a lazy pie maker. It’s not because I am not committed to making many, many pies. It is mostly because over the holiday I realized there may be weeks in the year ahead when a girl just cannot find it in herself to make a pie. I’m going to keep on making pies (promise!) as close to every week as I can, until I hit 52 pies. Another way of looking at this is that I’ve just now declared that this “year of pies” is going to be longer than 52 weeks. Confused?

There may have been a little more rule-bending over the holidays with our New Year’s pie. Have you not heard of tiramisu pie? How about frangelico mascarpone cream pie with ladyfinger crust? Sounds legit, right?

If it’s shaped like a pie. If you can slice it. It’s pie. So say moi.

Starting the New Year with a bowl full of hazelnutty booze-soaked sponge and sweet cream just makes sense. Plus it’s a doddle to make. Thank you Nigella. This one is perfect. It’s from Kitchen.

250ml Frangelico (I did a mix of Frangelico and Baileys because I was almost out of the former, but the first time I made this I used all Frangelico, and I liked it better)
250ml espresso or strong freshly brewed coffee
2 eggs, separated
75g sugar
60ml Frangelico
500g mascarpone
30 ladyfingers (about 375g)
100g chopped roasted hazelnuts
3 tsp cocoa powder

1) Combine the 250ml Frangelico with the coffee and allow it to cool if the coffee is hot.
2) Beat the egg whites until they are frothy and in another bowl beat the yolks and sugar and the 60ml of Frangelico together.
3) Add the mascarpone to the yolk mixture and beat well. Fold in the foamy whites and mix gently to combine.
4) Four half of the coffee/frangelico mixture into a shallow bowl and soak the ladyfingers a few at a time in the liquid so that they are soft but not disintegrating. Line the bottom of your dish with a layer of soaked ladyfingers. I used a 10 inch pie plate (because I was determined to call this a pie) but I think it would be better to use a larger dish (9×13 maybe) since I think I really should have used more ladyfingers given the amount of liquid there was. Mine ended up a bit too boozy without enough sponge to soak it up. After you’ve lined the bottom of your dish, pour any leftover soaking liquid over that sponge layer.
5) Put half the mascarpone mixture over the sponge and spread evenly.
6) Put the rest of the coffee/frangelico into the dish for soaking and do the rest of the ladyfingers as you did before. Layer them on top of the mascarpone in the dish. Pour leftover soaking liquid onto that layer of ladyfingers.
7) Cover with the rest of the mascarpone. Cover the dish with plastic wrap and chill for at least 6 hours in the fridge.
8) When you are going to serve it, toss the cocoa with the hazelnuts and sprinkle over the top of the tiramisu.

Enjoy every spoonful of this unbelievably decadent treat. No more second rate restaurant tiramisu for you!

Blue Ribbon for Best Pie Performance by a Tiramisu


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