Pieless Friday

Since I started with my pie project, by the time Friday rolls around, there is no pie left. Actually this week we reached the end of the pie much faster because I gave half away.

Since I’m all out of pie, Friday seems like a good day to make a list of other folks’ yummy posts that I savored this week out there in the foodosphere. There may not be pie in the fridge, but there’s plenty to get hungry about.

Sweet Amandine’s strawberry trifle makes me want Christmas to hurry up and get here already.

Over at Orangette you’ll find something to do with blueberries other than bake a pie.

Not without salt’s beautiful post made me think about being grateful for the time we have to share food with those we love. And that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it.

Brown butter cobbler, and some stunning summery photos of a plum bounty by seven spoons has to inspire you to get out there and enjoy a farmer’s market this weekend.

The Wednesday Chef says it’s “the best banana cake the world has ever seen.” Now you know what to do with those brown bananas.

Cakespy shares her frozen hot chocolate recipe. It may finally be time for me to buy a blender.

17 and baking’s red velvet cheesecake post is about a lot more than icing and sprinkles. Read it to feel inspired to do something you love.

Have a sweet Friday!

(plate photo from stockxchng)


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